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In the News – Year 2018

12.12.18 – Preparing for Discovery With NASA's Parker Solar Probe

12.11.18 – Gravity Assist: The Sun's Mysteries with Thomas Zurbuchen

11.30.18 – Charting a Course for Astronaut Safety as NASA Launches to the Moon and to Mars

11.27.18 – NASA Scientist to Discuss ‘The Science of Space: Heliophysics and the Parker Solar Probe’ at Library of Congress Lecture

11.07.18 – Parker Solar Probe Reports Good Status After Close Solar Approach

10.29.18 – Parker Solar Probe Breaks Record, Becomes Closest Spacecraft to Sun

10.24.18 – Parker Solar Probe Looks Back at Home

10.04.18 – Parker Solar Probe Changed the Game Before it Even Launched

09.21.18 – Three NASA Missions Return 1st-Light Data

09.11.18 – Nicola Fox Takes Helm as Director of NASA's Heliophysics Division

09.10.18 – NASA's SDO Spots 2 Lunar Transits in Space

09.04.18 – NASA-funded Rocket to View Sun with X-Ray Vision

08.27.18 – How Scientists Predicted Corona's Appearance During Aug. 21, 2017, Total Solar Eclipse

08.27.18 – JPL Roles in NASA's Sun-Bound Parker Solar Probe

08.20.18 – NASA Hosts Live Science Chat: One Year After Eclipse 2017

08.13.18 – Space probe to plunge into fiery corona of the sun

08.12.18 – Want to Learn More About the Sun? Here's How:

08.12.18 – NASA, ULA Launch Parker Solar Probe on Historic Journey to Touch Sun

08.09.18 – NASA's Parker Solar Probe is About to Lift Off

08.08.18 – It's Surprisingly Hard to Go to the Sun

08.06.18 – NASA to Host Briefings, Events for Aug. 11 Launch to Touch Sun

08.03.18 – Ready for Its Day in the Sun: The SWEAP Investigation

07.30.18 – Princeton in space: Meet ISʘIS, heading to touch the sun

07.30.18 – Parker Solar Probe and the Birth of the Solar Wind

07.27.18 – NASA's Parker Solar Probe and the Curious Case of the Hot Corona

07.25.18 – Sounds of the Sun

07.20.18 – NASA Prepares to Launch Parker Solar Probe, a Mission to Touch the Sun

07.19.18 – Traveling to the Sun: Why Won't Parker Solar Probe Melt?

07.18.18 – NASA Invites Media to Preview Briefing on Spacecraft that will “Touch” Sun

07.05.18 – NASA Invites Media to Visit with Spacecraft That Will “Touch” Sun

07.05.18 – Cutting-Edge Heat Shield Installed on NASA's Parker Solar Probe

07.02.18 – NASA Invites Media to View Launch of Mission to “Touch” Sun

06.19.18 – Sounding Rocket Takes a Second Look at the Sun

06.15.18 – Revised Launch Date Targeted for Parker Solar Probe

05.29.18 – The Case of the Relativistic Particles Solved with NASA Missions

05.21.18 – More Than 1.1 Million Names Installed on NASA's Parker Solar Probe

05.16.18 – New Views of Sun: 2 Missions Will Go Closer to Our Star Than Ever Before

05.01.18 – NASA's New Dellingr Spacecraft Baselined for Pathfinding CubeSat Mission to Van Allen Belts

04.10.18 – Our Sun: Three Different Wavelengths

04.06.18 – NASA's Mission to Touch the Sun Arrives in the Sunshine State

03.21.18 – Media Invited to View NASA Spacecraft That Will Touch the Sun

03.14.18 – NASA Needs Your Help to Find Steve and Here's How

03.09.18 – Three NASA Satellites Recreate Solar Eruption in 3-D

03.06.18 – Public Invited to Come Aboard NASA's First Mission to Touch the Sun

02.23.18 – NASA's SDO Reveals How Magnetic Cage on the Sun Stopped Solar Eruption

02.13.18 – Eclipse Season Starts for NASA's SDO

02.01.18 – 2018: A Big Year for NASA's Launch Services Program

01.31.18 – Studying the Van Allen Belts 60 Years After America's First Spacecraft

01.19.18 – Prepping the Parker Solar Probe for Space

01.18.18 – NASA Team Studies Middle-aged Sun by Tracking Motion of Mercury